Shop update and other goodness.

Picture perfect autumn day over here….

I haven’t seen the kids since 11am even though they are on the property….they have set up shop on the foot path and are busy selling their wares…I had to send food and drink down via eager brothers/helpers but would otherwise not leave their post. They made $4 each for a days work. They also climbed some trees to spot new customers…maybe I should try this for my shop….

I on the other hand have been busy baking fragrant quinces and sorting the newly arrived shipment of Cascade 220.

Baked Quinces

What delicious colours….the quinces AND the yarn….

I have been looking forward to this shipment, as we are starting a knit-along at our local cafe after Easter and this yarn is just perfect to work with when you are learning a new technique. The colour range is pretty spectacular too and just the best thing when doing some fancy colour work. If you are a regular Raverly addict  visitor, you’d know that CASCADE 220 is the most popular yarn with thousands of projects online. And I can see why.

It is exceptionally reasonably priced, the colours are stunning and just so practical and hardwearing.  The skeins come in a generous 220 yard per skein. A real workhorse yarn. Not your fancy, delicate and luxurious artisan yarn, but something to go for when you are knitting something for kids to wear everyday I would say. The Heathers range is also lovely and very organic looking. This yarn also felts very well and I can see some very groovy felted bowls like this cutie…

I also got some Lana d’Oro, which I look forward working with. It is 50% Alpaca and 50% Wool, which gives it a lovely softness without loosing its sturdy wool properties.


At 250g the Cascade Eco wool is a whooper of a skein. It almost feels like hugging a lamb with its natural hues and woolly squishiness. This yarn is just a dream for a winter blanket like this one I have earmarked for a quiet knitting moment…

Wool Leaves by Jared Flood
Wool Leaves

So you see, we had a busy day here. I hope you had a good end to your week and are getting ready for a beautiful weekend with lots of crafting, some quiet time, a party maybe and some much deserved R&R.

You can head over to the shop to see more colours. I will be adding more photos over the coming days.


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