We’ve been having some pretty busy days lately…the kids are having a fab time playing with friends, pottering around in the garden and helping me declutter the house. Every so often I go through every basket, cupboard and shelve and sort and discard. It is scary how much “stuff” finds its way into the house and our lives in general. It is good to declutter house and mind sometimes…you know….messy house, messy mind….do you agree or do you think one has got nothing to do with the other? Mmmmmm….


We picked up our weekly organic veggie box and I picked up some of this perfect garlic…..Garlic is something I don’t like to skimp on. No cheap, bleached china garlic for me. I like mine strong and smelly and preferably local.

We caught up with some lovely friends in the city yesterday and enjoyed the comforts of a warm and modern home for a day….we are back home today and feeling a bit cold and delicate…my hands are cold and I need to rub them together before I start knitting…I wouldn’t mind snuggling under a pile of those. Imagine how warm and cosy that would be….I am playing around with some of my Abuelita Yarn and the super funky Addi Crochet hooks, working out some granny squares combinations….not that I will get around to actually make one of these beauties any time soon….I call it product research.



I snatched a few moments of knitting here and there. These were moments of stillness and reflection. I think that is one of the reasons I love to knit. It is a form of meditation. Sometimes I don’t think at all, just let the rhythm of my fingers and the clicking of the needles transport me into another dimension. Sometimes I am able to sort out the weeks menu, reflect on our relationships and choices made and find solutions to the many questions and problems that pop up over the course of a day. Or I reminiscence on conversations and encounters had. Yes, that is why I love to knit so much. Lots get sorted during that time, and that is probably one thing non-knitters don’t get I think….



I have so many projects on the go at the moment I am feeling a bit torn.

Tosh Sock Baby Cardi is almost done. I must admit I am a bit over the fine yarn knittng. It takes forever, and I like the quick projects so much more. I wonder what that says about me?

I made good progress on the Simple Baby cardigan with my Fibre Company Terra. Tomorrow I will take some photos. I am getting mixed responses on the colour chosen, called Iron…What do you think? Not a good colour for a baby ? I thought it looked kind of vintagey…

And finally, I did start my scarf yesterday and made great progress. I had 6 skeins of Quince and Co in Peacock in my stash for ages and was waiting for the right project to some along. The pattern is so simple but the effect dramatic, I love it! It takes all 6 skeins, so I imagine this will take me ages…

Just tonight however I found this patters that is calling for the same yarn. So now I am torn….put the scarf aside for this sweet little jumper for my sweet little girl?


Decisions, decisions….

I’ll hop under my blanket, sip some peppermint tea and keep knitting….

Stay warm on this wintry day.






3 thoughts on “Random.

  1. I think the iron Terra is gorgeous, you don’t need bright colours for baby clothes, natural colours can look absolutely splendid!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your tosh sock cardi. šŸ™‚

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