Turning 8

This is the year little girls in my world turn 8…..I feel this is another magic number up the ladder to becoming young girls, full of spirit, individuality and a pinch of attitude.

I watch my girl and her friends sprout like weeds, eyes sparkling full of joy and a spring in their step towards another adventure. They love the routine of school but still enjoy the quiet play at home with their favourite dolls, hours creating intricate drawings or tumbling around in the woods with their little brothers.


This beautiful girl is Tully, who’s Birthday we went to today. What a blast the girls had. A walk to a bush camp fire, jacket potatoes cooked in the camp oven, picking ripe quinces and pear, and a wicked drive on the back of the yute….that’s birthday party country style. Who needs party games?


I knitted Tully the simple cowl she is wearing with Madelinetosh Bulky yarn in the Well Water colourway and I am irrevocably in love with this yarn….The yarn knitted up into a dense and super soft fabric. And the colour is simply stunning, a blend of light blues and petrol. It was fun to knit in bulky yarn after days of knitting with the Tosh Sock yarn, a perfect last minute gift. See my Ravelry page for details.


And check out the insanely cute wooden dolls the birthday girl got…..precious and so stylish…the dresses they are wearing are weathered but so beautiful.



It has been a busy and glorious day and it makes me happy to tuck in 3 exhausted children. They had a fun day full of friendship, fresh air and a touch of mischief. How good is that.

I on the other hand am turning my eye on another knitting project. I am still knitting my baby cardigan which seems to take forever with this fine yarn…but I need something else…I am dying to start a cardi for me, but for some reason I am resisting the commitment, even though it is getting colder and I could do with one…I am stuck on quick and easy projects like this one…


Caribou Scarf

Ok, so this is not a quickie….still it is calling me….I have the yarn in peacock and I long for something warm and cosy around my neck…It could turn into an all-winter project though….will see..

Hope you had a wonderful start of the week. It will be a woolly and wet one…(no pun ..:)


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