Easter Bunnies and other hopping ideas

In case you missed the window displays and supermarket layout, I will have to break the news to you….Easter is almost here! Well, yes, it is kind of obvious unless you happen to live in a non-christian world or have been meditating on a mountain top for the past 3 months…

I wonder which is the  biggest festivity…in terms of money spinning – marketing driven consumer fest.  But I don’t want to get political. Because aside all that, celebrations and festivals play a very important role in human history and is fundamental to community building and the marking of the seasons and time. And wether you celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, Passover or a Pagan ritual, whether you welcome spring or autumn, the celebration of Easter brings together families and friends, often over a shared meal and the indulgence of chocolate.

And it calls for some cute crafting, because another important feature of Easter is the hunting of Easter eggs. And what could be cuter than little fluffy bunnies hidden behind the bushes or tall grass….

If you are not into bunnies, how about some knitted Easter Egg ornaments?

These eggs are perfect for using up those pesky little balls of soft merino from your stash. The patterns for the adorable bunny family and the easter eggs can be found over at Purl bee.

Personally, we have been leading our children through the garden in search for easter eggs and bunnies for years. Usually, someone gets up super early and hides them under bushes, on low branches and inside pots. The kids are then armed with little baskets and then the chase is on. Every year they have been joined by new cousins, which makes the chase even more fun. There is much shouting and directing and hinting by parents and some negotiating over size and quantity of eggs collected. And I must admit, I am usually the bad cop, confiscating and rationing the bounty and using the chocolate as leverage over the coming days…..I can get all sorts of things done with the chocolate stash up my sleeves….


3 thoughts on “Easter Bunnies and other hopping ideas

  1. My yarn arrived today!!! (Wed) Thank you so much. It’s so soft and luxurious. I have never used “real” wool before, it’ll be lovely. Still not sure what to make yet. I’ll have to look at your shop for some inspiration.

  2. Love the bunnies and the eggs, great ideas Alex. I am going to forward this blog entry to my mum, she is a bit more talented in the knitting area than me.

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