Ideas, Ideas…..

We’ve been having the most picture-perfect days lately….the temperatures are mild without being chilly, the sun shines and the sky is blue. Everything glows in a beautiful golden light, leaves gently floating to the ground, new apples are coming in, my quinces are ripening with the promise of some delectable quince jelly…as I said, perfect.

It is only the end of March and I have already finished quite a few projects….a first, as I usually only start knitting when the temperature drop to the point of needing a fire lit. This year however I am on an unstoppable roll (leaning towards obsessive for some….ahem). There is a good reason for this I tell you.

For the past few years I have knit for the my children and for nieces coming along at a steady pace (we are expecting 2 new cousins this year….). That is 3 + children needing jumpers, vests, some socks and beanies…that keeps you busy all of winter. Over the years I managed to make myself a cowl and some socks and a scarf which I gave away. Very sad, don’t you think?

So, I have declared 2011 as the year of me….I know, a very lofty and laughable idea….I don’t know about you, somehow I always manage to put myself  last. Well, maybe not last, but at least ‘later’. I am not a martyr, but there is always that quick project that squeezes to the top of the queue. Like this one that I am knitting at the moment….

In Threes for Heidi

I must admit though, this pattern was on the list for quite a while. I just looked like a quick and easy knit and oh so practical. Something to wear almost all year round. And when knit up in the gorgeous Abuelita, it is too cute. Soft and light as an autumn cloud….(how poetic)…So you see, it had to be done right now….

And then there is the said new baby to be born in the next few weeks….that demands a little special knit….so I am thinking this…

Easy baby cardigan

The easy baby Cardigan is knit in The Fibre Company’s Terra, which I happen to stock 🙂 So I not only get to knit a present, but also test the yarn and pattern. A win/ win if you will….

But lets return to the question at hand. A project for ME. Or for you if you happen to have the same problem as me. The thing is, kids project are just so cute, quick and require less wool. Then there is the sizing (as we all come in all kinds of shapes) to work out. And they take time. And determination….and focus…..and concentration…..yep, you see why it is easy to put ME last….at least where knitting is concerned. So, what is needed is some eye candy, some inspiration. You need someone to do the research for you and present you with a pattern, the right wool and some needles….right. And maybe a knitting buddy….Well, this is an idea I have in my head. But in the meantime, I have done some research and picked out some pretty cute and easy projects for you….and me.


Effortless Cardigan
Mondo Cable Cardi
Golden Wheat Cardigan
Plain and simple
Twenty Ten Cardigan


Irish Coffee




How’s that? Too many? I know I will have to narrow it down to two and then make a blind pick….

Any questions about the patterns just leave a comment. Most of the wool required I  will have in stock over the next few weeks….if you want to check back 🙂

That’s it for me this lovely morning. I am off to take my little boy dancing and then onto some serious housework…..

Have yourselves a cuppa in the sun if you can….you deserve it….


3 thoughts on “Ideas, Ideas…..

  1. I’m having a year of “me-knitting” too- many years being in the grip of a large black cloud, but now I have emerged! The Golden Wheat jacket looks like the one for me! I’ll consult the stash and see if I will need new yarn or if there is something in the right quantity already! That’s a great inspirational, war colour though…

    1. Well Kay, if you do cast on, be sure to post a progress report. That is the one I had my eye on too….
      Wicked writing style btw on your blog. Look forward reading more….

  2. As I mentioned in a comment sometime ago, I have the Golden Wheat on the needles and it is an amazingly fast knit (though I’m being a bit slow having other projects OTN… And I don’t want to finish it quite yet!!!)

    Veera’s designs are just so wonderfully gorgeous and simple and the directions are just so, so wonderful, you will definitely enjoy knitting one of her patterns for yourself. 🙂

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