I have been in wooly land this last week.

My Spiral Cowl was on the needles one day and on my neck  the next and today  I have started a little baby vest for a friend. I am following this pattern, but as I am knitting, I had a look at an old  book of knitting stitches and I am dreaming up all kinds of little tops using the  different leafy patterns featured. I think another “knitting door” opened for me…

Then a parcel full of sample Yarn from Madelinetosh arrived at the door and while I was still patting those lovely skeins, another box arrived with the  Fibre Company’s Terra. With all this gorgeous Yarn in the house, I am honestly getting heart palpitations. Honestly! I cannot decide which yarn to choose first and what pattern to use…and if you have ever spent some time on Ravelry, you can understand how confusing it can get. With all those wicked patterns, how can anyone resist casting on multiple projects…

There is just not enough time in a day. And I am distracted. I burned the milk for my coffee this morning…..and the rice for dinner….I was counting stitches, you see. The house needs some serious tiding, washing folded and the kid’s bedroom uncluttered.

But that can wait another day. Tomorrow I will be spending it with the kids. I will read them as many books as they want, make pancakes and go for a bike ride to the gardens so that Timon can practice. Then I will make some filo triangles filled with spinach and feta for school lunches with my big girl who is just so patient.

I think a good dose of balance and a pinch of prioritising is on order in my world. Just a little rearranging so that this passion of mine can keep nourishing me as well as my family.

Because my family is the centre of my universe, all wrapped up in soft and cuddly wool.

But because I can’t help myself, I have to show you these…

Delicious, don’t you think? For more crochet cuteness, visit this incredible crafter…now if only had more time, I seriously would love to start a tiny hexagon granny square, wouldn’t you?

Have a relaxing, safe and rejuvenating Sunday

Alex. xoxoxo


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