Thursday is playgroup day for us.

We sit around the little table on little chairs, knit and craft and chat about mum stuff. You know, parenting, tantrums and breastfeeding….while the little ones play with lovely toys, build cubbies and dig dams in the sandpit. We make scones and eat them with a hot cup of chai….

Thursday is a day where it is ok to sit for 2 hours on my bottom and knit without feeling like I should hang out the washing or clean or start on dinner early. It is kind of my time with my little man. And today it occurred to me that next term will be our last. Then my 4-year-old will have progressed to the next phase of happy playtime. I will miss this cosy get-together. The verses and the songs and the companionship.

And it also occurred to me how proud I am of my boy. How well he plays with his friends, how attentive he is and how absorbed he is in the little story at the end. He is a lovely boy. And I have to tell him often. Just lovely.

For playgroup I take a little project to work on. A portable, quick and easy knit. The one on the needles this week is the Spiral Cowl by Keri McKiernan. See my notes on my Ravelry Page for details.

I cast it on yesterday in my new Madelinetosh DK, Victorian Gothic colorway. The yarn is a 100% Supersoft merino, a strong yarn with good body yet still lovely and soft. Victorian Gothic is a charcoal with little delicate flecks of dusty rose, which is lovely as it livens up the grey. I really like this yarn. It would be just great when you need something durable and practical but still want an eclectic range of colours. Which Madelinetosh definitely has.

Spiral Cowl in Madelinetosh DK
Spiral Cowl

And it looks like I’ll be wearing it soon. The weather is wet and woolly….

Dinner tonight is a greek Pastizio. With greek pasta and cinnamon in the meat sauce and lots of Bechamel….wicked!  Should make the crowd happy….

have a great Thursday,



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