Eye Candy – Yarn

Madelinetosh DK Merino

I have ordered some Madelinetosh Vintage and Sock for the shop. It should be in by April, but in the meantime I received one colour of each of their yarn line.

There is DK Merino, Lace, Bulky, Tussah silk, Sock…..it is just super delicious…the colours are incredible, the yarn soft and squishy. I am soo exited to start knitting with the yarn. But which one first? What to knit? I am on Ravelry searching for suitable patterns…..if you have a favourite pattern using one skein of yarn, please let me know…

Now have a look at these….and sigh…..

Today I also kept working on the Dress for Emilia….the one I frogged. It is now a tunic, because I cut the pattern out wrongly…..duh. I love the look of plackets, but sewing them is a bit challenging….

Placket for Jump Rope Dress by Oliver + S
Finished Placket, Oliver + S

I’ll post some photos when the tunic is hemmed and “buttoned”.

And all though the morning, the pots in the kitchen were bubbling away with 9Kg of tomato sauce….the smells are all through the house, and makes us all want to eat fries….or sausage rolls….The recipe is straight from the Ezysauce Bottle with some personal modifications…now I better find some bottles….

Apple for our homemade tomato sauce
Bubbling tomato sauce

I also vacuumed the house today, but didn’t take any pictures of that. That would be weird.

Hope your Tuesday was productive too….



2 thoughts on “Eye Candy – Yarn

  1. Hi Alex,
    Great to see you are keeping busy with knitting and sewing and even cooking tomato sauce. Today I went on a tour to Footscray. There were twelve of us ladies from the eastern suburbs, most having not been to Footscray. Simon from the Non-stop Shop took us on a fascinating tour of the changing aspects of Footscray. It is a rapidly changing city. LOts of good information and suggestions from Linley!
    I love the grey wool you have put on your blog. Unfortunately I don’t know how to knit in the round so I am looking for some instructions on the web.
    Happy knitting

  2. Hello Alex,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog “littlehandsdreams”. I can see that my doing 300 things at the same time applies to you too…. Hihihi! You put apples inthe tomato sauce? I will have to try your recipe … Thank you for sharing. I love the blue and dark grey colours but of course, let’s not forget the purples… HHmmmmm

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