Abuelita Yarn – Monday Giveaway!


I had a minor computer glitch yesterday…..sorry if you popped it to read about the giveaway…

My weekend was a busy one….in a good kind of way….lots of sewing, which left me with a pile of this…

As it happens, I just stumbled upon a dolls t-shirt pattern for which I could use at least some of these left overs…..

After I spend the whole morning sewing, I felt like a break and the kids needed some attention, so we marched to he kitchen for some yummy baking and dessert making…..

Currant Scones topped with butter and homemade Apple and Rhubarb Jam and Blackberry Jam. Delicious !

But wait, that is not all….

Custard for Creme Caramel

They were meant to stay in the fridge overnight, but we could not help ourselves….call it recipe testing….–> and the recipe is here

But now back to the Yarn Giveaway I mentioned….

You all heard me swoon over the loveliness of my Abuelita yarn for a while now. I am so in love with it  that I have started knitting up little samplers with different colour combination. And to practice my Intarsia…which I find a bit challenging but a jumper with trains would just be the bees knees for a boy I know….

Anyway, today I am giving away two skeins of gorgeous Abulelita Merino Worsted in these gorgeous colours. But wait, there is a catch….

Stone Blue and American Red

…I would like YOU to leave a comment with your favourite knitting pattern that you have knit or are planning to start. If you haven’t got the link, just write the name of the pattern. I would just love to hear what everybody is loving at the moment.

I will choose a random number as the winner by Wednesday night. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment box so that I can contact you.

I will not get back to my sewing….got a dress I want to make but not enough fabric…gotta work something out….

See ya,



8 thoughts on “Abuelita Yarn – Monday Giveaway!

  1. I have too many patterns that I want to start that are completely glorious, such as Clockwork by Stephen West, Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston, Hannah Fettig’s Effortless Cardigan, Heidi Kirrmaier’s Atelier… The list just goes on!

    Currently my favourite knits that are on the needles are Morlynn Shawl, Sign of Four socks, the In Dreams Mystery Shawl, Veera’s Golden Wheat cardigan and Suvi Simola’s Low Tide Ripples. Phew! Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes in the HTML. 🙂

    Those scones and creme caramel look super super delicious and I know that this is mostly a yarn/fabric blog but… Recipes (or links to) would just be fantastic, it’s such a tease showing yummy food and not letting your readers have any way to make it for themselves! (cough cough)

    Thank you also so much for this giveaway – it’d be a great way to get someone started with intarsia/colourwork, perhaps to make a hat out of. Abuelita yarns are seriously so scrummy.

    (email address is sheralynn(at)gmail(dot)com)

  2. I’m currently not knitting. I find it hard on my hands, I much prefer crochet. I am currently working on a wrap for when the cooler months come. I usually don’t use patterns, much prefer to make it up as I go along.

  3. I’m sorry I was distracted by my daughter trying to make scrabble words next to me! I forgot to say how I found your blog. I saw the little advert thingy on the side of facebook, clicked through and found this! I’m in Country WA, so looking forward to a little rain and much cooler temperatures and so able to crochet again! Although I’ve managed to get the aircon cool enough to crochet when it was quite hot out this summer. :o)
    I’ll be back. Often.

  4. I am knitting a pullover for my husband. I am not following a pattern, just making my own. I have so many favorite patterns that I just can’t name one. Some of my favorite patterns are Mr.Greenjeans, In Threes, most of Norah Gaughan patterns.

  5. OH I won! Thank you! I haven’t been online much these last few days (been crocheting and a little bit of primitive embroidery). Thank you so much for choosing me. Now I need to find out how to use those lovely yarns. SO Exciting!!! :O)

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