Shopping for buttons

…oh yes, I love shopping for buttons.

For some it may be shoes and handbags. For me its buttons and yarn. No question about that. When I knit a cardigan or sew a blouse, I fantasize about the buttons that will adorn it. More that just bringing ‘closure’ to a garment (oh, the pun), it lifts it, gives it character, brings it alive. Often, buttons are the little detail that gets all the attention. I love that!

My favourites are vintage buttons from the 40’s and 50’s, but also Art Deco.  They are adorable, and the colours just pop!

I found these buttons  here.

Today however I went to our local vintage button shop called Haberdash. Its like stepping into a lollyshop….there are vintage aprons, lace, jewellery and of course lots and lots of buttons…I had a hard time choosing…

I finally settled on some brown leather buttons for Gian’s Cardi, red class buttons for the Summertime Cardi and some red bakelite buttons for the yellow Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi knit in Cascade 220 and some wooden vintage buttons in green for the Tiny Tea Leaves knit in Abuelita Merino. I am very pleased. A little bit of retail therapy for me.

We spent the rest of our Saturday wandering through the town, choosing some books for “Books for Christchurch”, going for coffee with me lovelies and meeting up with dear friends.

Tonight, I will be sewing buttons…

How was your Saturday so far?

PS: tomorrow we’ll be having a little giveaway, so make sure you pop in!


One thought on “Shopping for buttons

  1. I totally agree…buttons can make or break a garment. I have just purchased ’boutique’ buttons for a couple of sewing items and they are really expensive..well relative to the fabric costs,, but well worth it. Spotlight buttons just don’t cut it (well at least at my local spotlight).

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