Oliver + S Sewing

Beautiful March day!

Sunny, breezy and quiet. Yes, quiet, as the brood has left the nest for the best part of today and I got to sew for 4 hours straight without so much as a phone call to distract me. I feel quite elated….Now I have to come up with some dinner options….

I have finally finished off Emilia’s Knit Top. I cut out two, so one will be going off to Market. It turned out beautifully and it was the most pleasurable and quick project ever. Who would have thought….I have never worked with Interlock knit, but with the detailed instructions of the Oliver & S pattern and my overlocker, the whole thing came together in no time and looks professional (as do all of Oliver & S garments I must say).


I cannot praise the City Weekend fabric enough! It is incredibly soft and buttery and has a wonderful drape. It will be the most comfortable top to got to school with, but it can also be used as PJ’s. Which is what I’ll do next, using the Nature Walk Pants Pattern next in this coordinating fabric.

If you head over to the Shop next week, I will be adding a great range of Oliver & S Patterns to go with the City Weekend Interlock Knit.

I also whipped up a lovely Hopscotch skirt in a floral corduroy from my stash. Not mad on the colors, but it will be a great addition for a girl who refuses to wear pants. Ever!

Now, again, the pattern is great! The final product neat and well finished….if it wasn’t for my inability to make neat buttonholes….ahem….and the pockets. Well, I frogged them. Next time I’ll save myself the trouble and make little gathered pockets.

I will post some pics when the recipient is back and can model for me.


Now I am having a break with a nice cup of Zucchini Soup and some blog reading….

….head over to Pip’s discussion on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is a topic close to my heart….I have just recently watched all three versions: The BBC’s, the 2005 Version with Kiera Knightly and lastly, Lost in Jane Austen, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fo me, the BBC wins hand’s down. The Movie version doesn’t even come close in portraying Austen’s poetry and romanticism. And in terms of beauty, Keira has no bosom to speak of and never fills out the period costume as it should, showing off the creamy white skin of the era. And Colin Firth is the only Darcy in my book. I rest my case.

Thinking of it, I might just watch it again tonight…..which one is your favourite version?

And speaking of movies, I watched The Social Network last night. I thought is was fantastic and made me think a lot about how I have been using social media lately. And how much our social interactions have changed in the, say last 10 years. Mhmmmm….


See ya,



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