Quick Change Trousers



Today is my day off. What does one do on a day off? Honestly, I still struggle with this designated day off thing.

Usually I spend the morning tidying up from the weekend. Sunday’s dishes, 2 loads of washing, changing of beds due to accidents (yes, plural), some vacuuming and generally putting things back to where they belong. Then I think about dinner. Better get organised early, right? A bit of blogging, hanging up said loads of washes, some coffee and a few rows of knitting and some phone calls.

I tend to feel restless when there is no one around, which is pathetic really, as I love my quiet time and constantly crave it. Go figure.  But I have to remind myself that this day off is not just a day to catch up on housework, as much as it needs it. It should be my day to be creative for a good stretch of time. To be alone, let my thoughts wander, or stay in bed if I want to….right? I guess in time I will get better at it…at the nothingness, at doing me stuff.

So, I still got some sewing done. I was dying to try out this sweet little pattern for ages and now that there are all these babies around me, I feel it is high time to whip a pair up. The problem thought is that I didn’t have enough of any of the Flannels….only a big square of each design. They are designated for a quilt now.

So these quick change pants and also the quick change ‘fun’ pants, as they do look a bit clownish. But on a sweet little baby girl it should look just fine.

Anna Maria Horner not only has a knack for stunning fabric design, it seems she does patterns pretty well too. These pants come together in a flash, and the construction is somewhat different to what I am used to. The reversible style is great and quirky, as is the back yoke panel. Next time I will coordinate the fabrics better though. Same front and back legs is the norm, really.

I have the Book “Handmade Beginnings” in the shop. There are more sweet patterns there that I will certainly try out soon.



One thought on “Quick Change Trousers

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your website and shop are gorgeous! I’ll definitely be stopping by again!

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