Favourites for Baby

There are two new cousins that will join our family this year.

We are all very exited. One is a first baby…..ahhh, I love first babies….not that seconds or thirds are any less adorable, but there is a certain anticipation, the quiet awe first time parents feel when they are preparing for the arrival of their first child. In my mind, nothing beats this feeling. Folding and sorting those new baby clothes, imagining this unknown yet so loved little baby wearing the crisp cotton body suits, the lovingly made woollen vests and cardigans, the tiny booties and socks….and no, I am not clucky, just remembering my first baby.

The other baby cousin that is due in August is also a very lucky baby.  Born with the biggest range of handmade goodness any baby can wish for. So much love has gone into making each item, and so many cousins have had the privilege to wear these clothes. So much warmth to share.

Which brings me to my favourite baby cardigans.

Someone has asked me for project ideas. So here they are…






Some of these patterns I already have, others are on my favourite list on Ravelry. I wish I could make all of them. I am sure there are plenty more babies to be born, in desperate need for a handmade cardi.

One can never have too many cardi’s in my opinion.





One thought on “Favourites for Baby

  1. I think I would like the green cardy in adults size please!!
    they are all beautiful, the owlet is particulary cute. I should take up knitting one of these days.

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