Weekend happenings

We had a lovely weekend of family time and a wee bit of knitting and some pattern cutting…but I am getting ahead of myself…

Saturday I had some girls time with my big girl. It was lovely, my sweet girl growing so fast. She never asks for much but I do feel that I have to spend some more one-on-one time with her. With school and her boisterous brothers taking up so much of our time, there is never enough time to be together. She has started to join me in the evening for some knitting and she is very keen to get on the sewing machine. A few weeks ago a bought a book called “Sewing School” which had some great little projects to start with. I might just start with a little drawstring bag for her treasures….


She had her horse riding lesson and I got to squeeze in a few rows of knitting…

And at home I started to cut the beautiful golden Park Ramble Knit for a top from this Oliver + S Pattern. I was going to start sewing, but I haven’t got any interfacing for knit fabrics…so that will be another trip to Bendigo….bummer…


How was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Weekend happenings

  1. Hi Alex,
    I just love your blog and it’s great you have fun with your darling children. So nice that Amelia is learning to ride a horse. What a lovely place to bring up the children with access to farms and animals! We have spent a couple of days at our farm down on the Ocean Road with lots of jobs with the animals. Those sheep needed sorting and drafting getting ready for market and I looked at the wool on their backs and wished I could knit up a lovely jumper or sew for my five month old granddaughter. You seem to work so fast I can’t keep up. What project should I start so it’s ready before she grow too old? I keep on thinking that I should show my talents which I learnt from my mother but are getting lost. Life is so busy now, fitting in the invitations to the engagement party for my friend’s son and visiting the open garden at Bolobek at the base of Mount Macedon. I looked in awe at the perfection in the garden. Not a weed to be seen and no mention of pesticides. How do they do it? It is so pristine. Now back at home I think of the project and looking for a suggestion. You are on to another and still manage to have fun with the children. How do you do It?

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