Colours that rock!

Not much to report today. The blissful boys day did not eventuate…or lets say, the boys were at each other on and off. Literally! I just finished separating them one minute and the next they sit on the couch together reading books…go figure. This is doing my head in. I think Fridays will be activity days from now on. Will take them swimming or soccer playing or something….positive experiences, that’s what it is.

So instead I show you what I picked out from The Sartorialist. If you don’t know this blog, go check it out….even if you are not into fashion. I cannot say that I am a follower of fashion trends. But I occasionally go and snoop around his blog because he spends a lot of time in Milan, where I spent a lot of my childhood, a lifetime ago.

Anyway, here is what I picked out and you tell me what you think…


Can you see what I see? Ochre, Teal, Linen, Gold, Vibrant Purple, Burnt Orange, Saffron.

These colours just rock my world at the moment. I would love these colours in my wardrobe…




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