Wonder Years


Wonder Years Cardi

I had a date with the Hairdresser today. Tell you what, it was sooo overdue…

Tried to convince my 4-year old to have his hair cut too, but he flatly refused. How do you get a head-stong boy to change his mind? No amount of bribing, promises and cajoling would make him change his mind. A characteristic that,  I am sure, will one day be very handy, but for now it is making my parenting a tad tricky.

The Class 2 teacher sent a note home about layers and singlets and the importance of warmth for children. I am so with her. We love layers….and cowls and woollen vests, beanies and kidney warmer. Hot water bottles and wheat bags…..how do you stay warm?

Tried out a this new recipe. This is good, as I have lost my cooking mojo.

I have decided that I really like Cascade 220. So much in fact,  that I have cast on Gian’s Cardi yesterday…very nice. Just a pity my knitting fell in the mud at school pick up time….not happy.

Had a great morning tea at our local cafe yesterday. Came away feeling very inspired to hold a knit-along with some local ladies. So I am ordering Cascade Yarn for our project. Anyone living in the Castlemaine area interested in learning to knit a jumper in the round, please drop me a line.

Tomorrow is boys-day. No housework, no chores (no knitting). Just hanging out with the boys. Nice.


Have a wonderful day!


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