Autumn Ideas

In my ideal world, we would all be sitting in circles around the fire and knitting the day away, while our babes are frolicking in the meadow….We would share child-minding duties and stories. We would discuss parenting issues, worries and recipes…..not husbands though….

We would stitch love and care into every garment produced. Warm clothing for our loved ones filled with the story of our souls. Cast off with the shared knowledge of a community. And we would look incredibly good too…In our stylish cowls, fingerless mittens, Berets and Cardigans.

Three Women knitting by the sea

Our days and duties would be dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, with the end of Summer marking Harvest time, shearing and the beginning of industrious garment making for winter.

Solitude and isolation would be unheard of as each member of the community would have its role and purpose and a sense of belonging.

Now, I am not an advocate of Utopia, or languishing for times gone by…..I suppose I am too young for that and a realist on top.

But I do wonder how we can be more inclusive as a society, how we can get together again and enjoy the company of like-minded people and at the same time support and encourage each other in our live’s endeavours.

Well, last night I found something that comes close to this ideal…I went along with my friend Anna to meet up with the “Knotty Ladies” at a swish Wine Bar in Bendigo.

Knotty Ladies is about:

  • making time for chatting over a hand stitching project, with wine & nibbles.
  • Share and learn new skills, ideas and projects.
  • Working towards making a unique textile artwork or functional item from sustainable or reclaimed materials to exhibit or sell as a fundraiser for a women based charity.

To me, this fulfils some of my immediate desires. To go out and meet new people AND bring my craft. Because, as some of you might know, if I had to choose one over the other, the latter would win…. If I had to choose between going out after a long day of parenting  or settling into a new project at home, I know what I choose. But I do enjoy the company, the wine and vibrant exchange of ideas that comes from that. So there you go.

If you live in the Bendigo area and enjoy all kinds of craftiness, come and join this group on the last Tuesday of the Month, for 7.30pm until you’re done.

for more info check out the Knotty Ladies blog or join their Facebook group for regular updates.

And now for a pattern idea to mark the beginning of cooler mornings….

Autumn leaves in Abuelita Yarn

This is a lovely vest, knit up with the Softest Abuelita Yarn…

Go here for the pattern, then come back here for the wool……got it?

Have a lovely Wednesday. It looks beautiful out there….


3 thoughts on “Autumn Ideas

  1. sounds blissful. another great post. am really enjoying your blog…and I’m not even much of a knitter! question…should beginner knitters stick to small projects. have found one i’d like to try but it’s big, not complex but i imagine takes a long time. what are your thoughts..

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