Tidiness and Button-bands

Good morning.

it is 9am and there are already two things that preoccupy my mind….well, lets not count the (now) 4-year old tantrum over the bunny bowl, shall we?

Every morning I have the same discussion with my daughter:

Beautiful, sweet and gentle and almost 8, she leaves her things lying around the house for me to pick up and put away. Shoes, PJ’s, undies….. Nothing unusual you say….. however, every morning we go through the same routine of not finding the hairbrush or hair ties. Two things that are essential and that we don’t have plenty of (how many hair brushes does one have in the stash???) . Its 8.30am, the carpool is waiting and we are madly looking for the above two items. This messiness is making me cross, my crossness makes her cry…..and so we part for the day with less than loving feelings. And I am left feeling guilty for my outburst…..

How does one teach tidiness to children (apart from being a good example). What works? Bribes, threats, star-charts? When do kids start to take care of their own room, make beds and put washing in the basket? Ahhh, I hear some say that they should be doing it from the moment thy can walk and put their dirtiest in the basket….But sometimes I am too tired of repeating the same things over and over and doing it myself seems quicker….

Anyway, this is the first of my serious thoughts of the morning. The second concerns the button band of my tiny tea leaves cardi. It is almost done. One button-band to go and I am struggling with it…..I always have struggled with them. I thought by doing the sewn cast off I would avoid the puckering and stretching. Mind you, I haven’t blocked it yet and I am wondering if I can stretch it into shape.

Has anyone got any experience with this? How do you cast off button-bands?

Maybe I should just unpick it and re-do it. What do you think?


and before I forget, I have started cutting out some seriously gorgeous flannelette for a pair of baby Quick-change-Trousers….too cute! Just like these….

For those of you mamas who are into cloth nappies, here is a link to adjust the pattern for a bulkier bottom….how clever of Sew Liberated Mama…..

Have a lovely Tuesday


One thought on “Tidiness and Button-bands

  1. Ok if this still lasts when they are almost 8 i am deeply disappointed! However, this has made me think…and i am going to try something as i, too am sick of the nagging and mine is only almost 5. We have small tasks he is responsible for…folding up pjs and putting them under the pillow, Dirty clothes in the basket and if we change our clothes more than twice in one day (average is about 7 times!) then we have to put the other clothes back in the draw. I don’t care that they are stuffed in like chicken stuffing! Then packing up at the end of the day is a joint effort…we all do it. sometimes i let them off depending on the day we’ve had. But I have been doing lots of thinking about mindfullness and as I am trying to be more conscious and mindfull of tedious tasks such as picking up things, perhaps it could rub off. I must note that when i usually tidy up, i am like a hurricane and fly through grabbing things within arms reach and quickly finding a home. It’s a very rushed thoughtless job for me.

    So when I picked up 2 pairs of dirty jocks, pjs, drawings and 6 textas before 8.30 this morning I commented, without judgement on each of them, slowly and consciously…..”I am going to put these dirty undies in the wash basket” .”I am going to put these textas in the box so they are there when someone wants to draw next time”. “I am going to put these drawings up here to show dad when he gets home”. I am going to put these pjs under j’s pillow so he has them ready for tonight as they are his favourite. I know this is the answer practically it’s a big challenge to change my own behaviour. It must become a habit. But frankly, my habit of ranting and raving through the house about all the clothes on the floor in every room, and not beign about to find a hat on our way to preschool is a habit i’d rather break.
    Great post alex.

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