Inspiration – Liberty Print and others

These are some of the fabrics of the new Liberty Fabric Range. Aren’t they simply stunning????

I can see dresses, skirts, comfy lounge pants or a valance, as suggested by Pip… $30 a yard it still is a luxury that has to wait. But one day I would love to indulge. These designs are particularly beautiful as they are created by well-known Author and Illustrator Lauren Childs (think Charlie and Lola and the Illustration in our favourite copy of Pippie Longstocking).

Then there is Madelinetosh, one of my  favourite Yarns at the moment . They are more on the luxury end of the scale, but their colour range is unsurpassed. The second one is called Lepidoptra….mysterious name for this vibrant and electric colour. Don’t you think?

Glazed Pecan


We are having a big family get-togther tomorrow for Timon’s 4th Birthday. I made an Ice-cream cake as per his request, although the weather is not as warm as expected….Pizzas from the papa-made  Oven, cousins to play with.

My baby is growing bigger. I don’t miss the nappies but I do miss the baby smell, picking him up and holding him close. These days, he runs a million miles an hours, is too busy to snuggle up for too long….I watch him grow into a beautiful boy, with a big, cheeky grin and a kind heart and a tendency for over-dramatisation….. And he still loves mama’s boobies…..

Have a happy Sunday.




2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Liberty Print and others

  1. I am envious of the material!! I can see myself making awhole bunch of stuff too!! And Madelinetosh … ooohhh ahhh, also my fave! I’ve been eyeing off the Lepidoptra for a while now … 🙂

  2. that’s too weird…i have been looking at liberty all weekend on etsy (looking for some cheap second hand fabric/clothes to slice up). Saw some Liberty at Tessuti in Sydney last Saturday and reminded myself how ‘lovely’ (there is no other word for it) it is.

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