Birthday Celebrations

Today I am grateful for family gatherings

For a little ray of sunshine with velvety chocolate eyes that melts my heart with a smile

For moments of stillness

For understanding and supportive husbands

For neighbours that are friends

For brothers and sisters

For the (early) start of autumn (sorry summer lovers)

For the lushness of our garden and the produce it brings

For a day off

On birthdays and other family gatherings, we fire up the papa-made pizza oven. And there is no doubt in our family that said papa makes the best Pizzas around….and the highlight of the kids birthday parties. I love all the productivity it brings to the house. The sauce, dough making, chopping of veggies and the discussion around the best topping combos…..and then the kids inventing their own favourite variations….

Rosehip Berries


Have a great week



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