Sewing School

Tiny Tea Leaves

Tiny Tea Leaves has been cast on. I was so hooked that I sat up knitting till 2am…silly me. I am paying for it now. But it is a very addictive joke, that one. You go round and round, switch needle sizes, knit front and back, then knit 2 together, then all knit, then stockinet for 2 rows….it is all over the place and then…..then you see it all taking shape….marvellous really. Now for the rest.

Timon’s Jumper you ask….well, it coming along….ahem. I am on the second sleeve so we are on track. But I must admit that the jumper runs a bit small. I hope that when winter actually arrives, it will still fit. It looks great though….


Popped into Little Makers in the afternoon and did some crafting. What great fun. The boys loved experimenting with the crinkly scissors and using potato mashers with paint on canvas…


Paint Job

Got a shipment of books to add to the shop. Sewing School, check it out! A great book for sewing mums like me. Now we can get our kids hooked too, how clever is that!


Had a neck x-ray. All that looking down when knitting….ha.

Its muggy. We’re going out for dinner.

Hope you had a great day.


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