Little Makers


I love wool shops. And fabric shops. Quirky vintage shops and any crafty, arty venue, where people come together to create. All those places are congregation points for likeminded people. Like pigs sniffing out truffles, a crafter is always on the look out for that one-of a kind ball of yarn, that vintage sheet to make a dress, fresh knitting patterns. Anything unique, cute, out there or whacky. It makes our heart sing, our palms sweat, our minds spin. Colour combinations, fibre composition, needle sizes. This is at least what makes me tick. Seeing my children dressed in my love-creations, wrapping them up warmly in wool. Seeing what other inspiring women create everyday.

A shop for me is where it is all happening, where people meet, share ideas and inspire each other. And plenty of chatting, sharing and loving. A community gathering…..Well, that is my dream.

One reason why I started ZigoZago is that our little town does not have a local wool shop. But what we have is an incredibly creative subculture. There are makers of all levels of artistry. While I am far off having a brick and mortar shop, ZigoZago is a first step of creating a little virtual hub. A point of contact for us creators of fibre art.

One such creative and entrepreneurial woman has opened a shop front with a wonderful concept. Deita from Little Makers is running short craft sessions for children from pre-school age to teenagers. The front half of the shop is taken up  by a large, low table for children to get creative: scissors, glue, pipe-cleaners and more is available to create all kinds of artwork with Deita’s guiding help. There are sessions throughout the day and some workshops  for adults are in the evening with more sessions coming.

The back of the shop is filled with the cutest things. Framed blackboards, sock creatures, kits, crayons. All beautifully displayed to inspire.

And amongst all this goodness you can now find some of my wool from Abuelita, knitting needles and some funky little knitting kits. It is wonderful for me to have a way of displaying the wool, as there is nothing nicer than actually be  able to feel the wool to get your creative juices flowing. Well, I’ll be hanging out there a bit, so if you are local or in the Castlemaine area, you must pop in and say hi.



ZigoZago @ Little Makers, Castlemaine

You can find Little Makers @ 227 Barker Street, Castlemaine. Or visit her Facebook page.


PS: sorry for the shonky photos. It is dark. But cosy….

And by the way: Tiny Tea Leaves is cast on……photos later.


See ya,





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