Silk Capes



Today was the first day since school is back that my little man and I are home alone…..on other days we either go dancing, run errands or visit friends and  have playdates. Today though was cleaning day, general tidying and de-cluttering. No visitors, no plans. I love days like that, but I wasn’t sure how Timon feels about not having his big brother to bounce around with….

Well, he pottered, played with the dog, brewed something mysterious in the sandpit and read books…We had lunch, read some books and then I had to do some sewing for school. And he still played happily. He was a very busy body.

We had a good day.

The sewing I had to do was for Gian’s Prep class. Lovely, shiny,slippery little silk capes for their dress up plays.




Well, I tell you what, I am in no hurry so sew myself a silk blouse…..Silk is uncooperative and slippery and I found it a tad tricky folding the seam allowances and keeping the folds straight. But the end result is worth it, albeit a very luxurious play cape if you ask me.



Two down,  eight  more of  to do. Ouch!

I took Emilia horse riding and got out of making dinner. That is a bonus. Somedays, dinner is just not my thing…but that’s another story….

I hopped on Foxs Lane Blog and read todays post…..talking about how we sometimes feel like everything is tangled up, when nothing is right and we are pulled in all kinds of directions… When our last baby is growing up and we just want to stop everything and breathe that baby scent for a bit longer. She asks if anyone can relate? To want to be creative and inspired, while dinner needs to be cooked and the washing hung up? Hell, yes, I can relate. More than ever. I am sure a lot of us can relate to her feelings, so well expressed in her post tonight.

I hope you can find some creative space in your day, an extra cuddle with your baby and some space to let that washing be. And maybe, I will make sandwiches for lunch instead of mini quiches with mint and peas, yes?



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