We are having a lovely day today. It is just me and Timon, now that the bigger ones are off to school…I guess it is as strange for him as it is for me, this new rhythm of our day. He seems a bit lost, aimlessly wandering around the house trying to find something to do. Building cubbies without the help of big brother is not the same.
I took him to his new Creative Dance class and then we had lunch with a friend. At home, I am going through the motions of getting all my chores done; washing in, dinner on, so that I can justify a few minutes of relaxed knitting. You see, this jumper has to be done by Sunday….
Timon's Jumper
The pattern is from here, and it is a most satisfying and quick knit, especially with my earthy wool.
But I have a wandering eye. Every time a knitting project is nearing its end (considering I haven’t even started on the sleeves, this is obviously not the case here), I start to think of what next?
Well, there are two things, and I hope you can help me decide…
First up is the tiny tea leaves cardi. I have just ordered some Madelientosh Vintage for the shop, but I cannot wait to cast this on with some other wool I have in the meantime. Isn’t it sweet? And best of all, it is knit top-down, so no seaming required….which in my book is a double plus. This pattern comes in a grown-up version too, and it will be mine when the shipment arrives.
Madelinetosh is a Texas-based lux-yarn producer which takes yarn dying to the artistry level. The colours are amazing! Vivid with a great POP effect. Go check them out here.. So, ok, it could wait….
Next is this
Cute, yes?
I love Rasmilla’s patterns. I have already knit up the Elvira top with Abuelita’s Lace, and this would be just perfect with the colour Perfect Love, don’t you think?
Well, I better hurry and finish the Birthday Jumper….
Have a great Tuesday.

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