A little summer vest

Voila. Here is my little french summer vest I showed you the other day

It is so satisfying knitting something small. Baby knits are one of my favorite quick projects and I am lucky enough that we have quite few little ones in the making in our family. So, while my babies are now bigger, I still get to knit sweet little things.

This Citronille Pattern is easy enough, especially knit in garter stitch. What I like about it though is the clever armhole shaping. The shaping looks like little darts,  done by knitting 2tog at 10 stitches from the side. Lovely.

Summer Vest

Ok, so it is still unblocked….a bit crumpled as I had to crochet a border around the sides. It turned out a bit short, my mistake….

All I need now are some sweet little buttons.

Next Sunday is Timon’s 4th Birthday. How time flies….(and I’ll be saying that when he turns 18 too…)

This year I plan to knit everyone a jumper for winter so I thought I get in early and start one for the little man. I have a mountain of wool in my basket that I got when the Kyenton Woolen Mill closed last year. It is an unassuming and plain brown, but somehow it feels just right for my little boy. Not that he is unassuming or plain. Certainly not. But he is earthy and solid and the only one with velvety brown eyes that makes your heart melt (gush).

I have been squeezing in some secret knitting time and thanks to the big needles, this one is working up fast. It is a top-down raglan from Ravelry.

Timon's Birthday Jumper
Timon's Birthday Jumper

Hope you all had a wonderful, sunny weekend



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