Citronille Patterns

I discovered Citronille’s sweet little patterns a while ago and I am totally smitten.

These little vintage boys and girls on the front of the patterns evoke a time gone by; pretty, feminine dresses with pleats and puff sleeves, tunics and floaty sun dresses and 3/4 length capris…. French fashion at its best and a classical style that I so crave.

When I look around what is on offer for little (and not so little) girls and boys, I feel quite uninspired. Unless one wants to spend $80-$160 for a french label, the choices are slim.

It is too often bright pink with some questionable graphics, cheap and poorly made. Made in China, India or Bangladesh, using dubious labour practices. I don’t want my children to look older than they are and I certainly don’t want clothes that are styled for adults but in children’s sizes. Am I too conservative? Do our children need logos and advertising on their tops?

Well, I love Citronille’ simple, modest style. It is carefree, uncomplicated and practical. And it’s simplicity lends itself to create many different and unique clothes. Whatever your style is, really.

The patterns are in french, but any sewer with some experience can easily follow the instructions. There are usually few patterns pieces and enough pictures to guide the non francophone through the patterns. Best of all however, the patterns range from sizes 2 years to 10-12 years. This is great value I believe, as the styles are easily adapted to ages and tastes.

I have now a few Citronille patterns in the shop. More are coming soon…..

What are you sewing at the moment? Are you already getting ready for Autumn?

Happy sewing,


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