Choices for Abuelita.

Today the Shop finally went live.
It has been almost a year of dreaming, imagining, planning, researching, networking and hoping. In fact, it was after my overseas trip in March last year that I have begun in earnest to consider turning my passion and (slight, ahem) obsession into something more. A venture where I could indulge in all things fibre as well as share my interests with other like-minded women.
How often have I said that I wish I could sit and knit and sew all day….well, I still can’t, but somehow I think I could get away with it now and call it R&D, don’t you think?
I have started with the lovely Abuelita Yarn because of its buttery softness and color range, but also because of the company’s  sustainable practices. Their sheep are treated well and no muelsing has been practiced. The yarn feels super soft yet still earthy and ‘organic’, with some unevenness in the thread still present.
Worsted, or 12-ply is just perfect for all kids winter projects; beanies, warm socks or cardigans. In winter I love to wear fingerless mittens, and they are a great quick project. I always am on the lookout for easy, practical vest patterns for the kids, and here is a little selections of my favourites:

Classic Vest – a great basic for little boys in this colour.

Hunters Vest – a bit rustic and very practical for babies. How about in this lovely  red?

Twisty River Vest – a bit more elaborate for the advanced beginner in denim blue….

Tomtem – famous all over the knitting world….

Tiny Tea Leaves – on my list of ‘to-do’s’ with this lovely yellow.

Lace is Aus 4-ply and is perfect for some intricate lace work. While it takes longer to complete a project, the feel and texture of the finished garment is unsurpassed. Here is one lovely top I have knitted with Abuelita Marino and Stormy Day....

Lucia's Lace

Since I discovered pattern lace work, I cannot go past a lovely lace scarf…..and there are so many patterns to choose from. Here are two of my favourites.

Lace Ribbon Scarf – simple and sweet.

Checkerboard Lace Scarf – perfect with this colour or maybe even this .

Have a look a the shop and feel free to send me any feedback. I am looking forward to this next journey of mine….

Stay warm



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