Point Mousse

No, its not a dessert, but french for Garter Stitch.

I am very happy today, despite and because of the rain.

With the lower temperatures I am finally able to cast on a new project, my hand have been itching to knit since I left my other knitting project at my friends place in NSW…. I have a few patterns that I got from France a while back and so I have started a little test knit with some Debbie Bliss Cotton from the stash. The patterns is called “le gilet des estives” or summer vest. It is a lovely, feminine little vest with front button closure. The tricky bit is to translate it into english…but my french it not too rusty and lucky for google translate…

When I got this pattern from Citronille I also ordered a stack of sewing patterns and they are all adorable in its simplicity and style.

So while it is still raining outside, the kids are playing and I get some sweet time to just sit and knit my point mousse. That’s a weekend just after my taste…

Happy Weekend to all and hope your houses are dry.



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