Hot and bothered

It is hot here…..yesterday  was the first day back at School for the kids. While it was exiting and all, it was also one of the hottest days of the year for us….So after school, I took the kids to our local watering hole for a cool splash in the water. Thankfully, the creek is full to the brim with water! We love it there so much now. Oh, little Timon got himself some leeches….. Me city girl did not know what to do, and they looked so yuck! Luckily we had some tough locals to handle it and now I am much wiser for it…..salt and matches apparently do the trick….there you go.

Well, the temperatures might be normal for this time of year, but I am particularly bothered by it. You see, I am looking at a gigantic box of super gorgeous yarn from Abuelita Yarns. There is also some Quince & Co. yarn and some hanks of sunshine yellow cascade 220….so much, my head is spinning trying to decide what sample to knit up first….

But it is just too hot to cast on anything, the wool just sticking to my hands….so instead I decided to take some pretty pictures to share….and make you drool, and dream.

The Shop will will be open next week, so please pop in again and have a look.

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