To make you smile

I have taken a short break and escaped to the beach for 10 days.

In the meantime…take a look here

It’s about the making of these amazing photographs

This made me smile too….

Heart shaped hole punch


And who doesn’t like a good quote or two…..

these are from pintrest

And for a bit of Swiss Precision, please may I present?

Can you guess what this is? Yes. A Soap Flaker….

In her own words, the swiss designer Nathalie Staempfli:

Soap Flakes

Soap Blocks instead of liquid Soaps

Today, most of the soap we use is liquid soap, which contains a lot of water. Block soap instead is more concentrated and therefore has some ecological benefits: You don’t transport unnecessary water around. In place of plastic bottles you can simply use paper for packaging. The solid blocks can easily be piled and allow a greater space efficiency in a truck.

But what about the usage of soap bars? I don’t like the weird slippery feeling when I use them. It gives me goose bumps. And under the shower, it always slides out of your fingers. Hand soap also often gets dirty and accumulates bacteria when more than one person is using it.

I designed two dispensers that turn block soap into beautiful little flakes. They offer you a new comfortable sensation when they are falling on your hands and easily dissolve in water.
The first version needs to be attached to the wall. You can easily use it with one hand; while you are pushing the grater, you are capturing the flakes. With its open shape it lets the soap block evolve its fragrances into the room.
The second version is a grater that can stand by itself. Therefore it’s more flexible in usage. It could be placed in the same way as a shower gel or shampoo.


Well, this is proof that a lot of crafty and ingenious things do come from Switzerland…..


Have a great day!



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