Let the Auction begin….

This is just amazing….

….  the rain that just keeps on going

…… the creek that keeps on filling

…… the support, solidarity and true Aussie spirit for all the Flood victims of Queensland!!!

…… the Hope  and Fighting Spirit

Starting from Monday you will find a wonderful  and growing list of  participants of the great Queensland Flood Relief Auction over on Toni’s Blog .

In the meantime, here are just some of our fellow bloggers who have started their Auction early:

Remember, all proceeds will go the the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal

Toni is offering her recently released  Book “Make it Perfect” along with some super cute slippers

Kate is furiously  crocheting a fantastic cushion

A stunning red Cardi for a sweet 3yo for Auction over here

Enter a Raffle for somes super cute Softies here and a

Gorgeous Handbag Raffle  over here

There are so many more amazing bloggers out there holding Auctions and Raffles. If you want me to add you to my list please let me know.

Happy Bidding



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