Queensland Flood Appeal – Auction

The news out of Queensland has been heartbreaking and devastating and my heart goes out to all those Families who have lost so much in the flood.

Thanks to some amazing and entrepreneurial women in the blog world, a massive Auction Appeal is being launched on Mon 17th at 9am to raise funds for the Disaster Relief Fund. The Auctions will run for one week and will finish on Monday the 24th at Midnight.

Together with many other crafty bloggers, I will join in the Auction. All proceeds will go the the Disaster Relief Fund.

Up for Auction From ZigoZago are 1/2 metre each of these two wonderful Saffron Craig Fabrics





If you are interested in participating and would like to see all the wonderful things people are offering for Auction, click on the Queensland Flood Auctions Button on the Top left hand side of this page and you will be directed to a list of participating Bloggers and Shops.

If you are interested in Bidding for the above Saffron Craig Fabrics, leave a comment with your bid and email address for me to contact you.

Please be generous!!!!

Have fun and THANK YOU



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