{the great wet}

I haven’t been following the news for a while.  I usually only catch up on what is happening in the world on the weekends. And then I only catch snippets of the headlines…

This is partly because we don’t get the papers during the week and we don’t have a radio. There is a TV in the house, but as I am usually busy in the evening with other stuff, I don’t tend to watch it much. And the other reason is that I get upset hearing about all the tragedies, natural disasters, shootings and wars that trouble the world. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand, but there is so much sadness in the world..at what point to we get desensitised to all that we see?

I often wonder what the benefit is in knowing that some deeply disturbed person shot 6  people in the US? How is that making my world a better place? Or that Pakistan is having an issue with Blasphemy? How does this knowledge make me a better person?

Having said that, knowing that thousands of people in Queensland are going to loose their homes and possessions because of the Flood breaks my heart but it also makes me want to help in some small way. I have donated some money but  I am thinking what I could make, that could bring a smile to someone’s face?

My thoughts go out to all those brave people who are assisting, helping and comforting those families.

Here is what I have finished and started the last few days…will post the links for the pattern tomorrow…



Recycled Baby Pants and a Beanie in progress



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