{rained in}

How do you keep kids entertained when you are rained in?

I asked myself this question this morning while I was lying in bed listening to the pitter patter of rain on the roof….

The kids have been up for hours, playing some pirate game that involves wild yelling and chasing eachother up and down the hall.

Their game now changed into another favourite scenario: Its Christmas Eve and the ‘cousins’ are getting read to go to bed with sacks of toys next to them as their ‘Santa presents’. And this play acting keeps going the whole morning in different combinations and diversions.

If I was concerned how to entertain the three of them  on such a rainy day I need not  have worried. Only the promise of lunch out and a trip to the library enticed them to finally get dressed for the outing.

I, on the other hand kept my self busy by casting on for this….in Abuelita’s Merino Lace in a lovely olive green.

Skinner Hat

As is usual for me, I accidentally Cast on 160 instead of 140 st. No idea how I managed to cast on so many stitches without noticing it…..but I left it, as I could not bear to undo what took me all day….it seems to fit me big noggin anyway.

The pattern is easy enough but it does require some focus, which I tend to lack when the kids are underfoot, ahem…looks like I will have to undo some of the lace….ooops


4 thoughts on “{rained in}

  1. Well done in knitting the whole cap in one day with children under foot! I could never have managed that as well as a trip to the library and lunch in town! It is just perfect for a trip to Tasmania. Such fun for the children to discover new places and wonderful animals and birds.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      thanks for your comment.
      For your information, the shop will be opening in Feb and I am expecting first shipment of Wool from Uruguay and German Knitting needles. Would love to hear what you are interested in (ie. lace/8ply/chunky) and favourite colours…

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