How do I stay focussed?

Well, good morning everyone….

Last night I stayed up late drooling over this picture over at Purlbee

Big Herringbone Cowl

…while it is about 39C over here…

But I could not help myself to go over here and dream about these beautiful colors.


Hay Cardigan

You see, I love cold, frosty mornings, when you have to put on your soft and cuddly cardi, wrap your neck in a squishy cowl and slip some finger warmers on, to keep warm while making your first cup of coffee…

I must be hallucinating…..

But that is what keeps me motivated and on track. To surround myself with beautiful Yarn, to bathe in its glorious colours, to let the thread run though my fingers and watch it dance between my needles and  being kitted into a cherished garment. To plan knitting projects, to imagine who will enjoy the warmth and comfort it will give.

And to hope that one day I will manage to make myself such a cardigan for once…..ahem…

Picking up my needles at the end of the day to knit a few rows often keeps me motivated throughout the day. No kidding.

What keeps you motivated?



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