….and the living is easy

Today was an easy day.

The children built cubbies, wrestled in the grass and played with their Lego’s. I got to do all my chores, finally folded that pile of washing that would just not go away and prepared dinner. That’s right, dinner was done by lunchtime….I should really do that more often, as it does make the evening hours so much more civilised, if you ask me.

After lunch we packed our bathers and headed of Golden Point, “the res” to the locals. Traditionally, it has been the men in our family’s job to take the kid swimming, as I usually take that time as my ‘time out’. I don’t care much for waterholes, as I am too scared of rogue snakes and leeches. But today I decided to check it out….the kids love it and it was getting rather hot in the kitchen. I am glad I did, as the water was delicious, a light breeze cooling the air and the kids had a fabulous time. Just what a hot summer day is meant to be.

I made my first Pavlova today. Recipe here.

Pavlova the First!

And finally, I am finishing up little shoes…for a tiny baby. Pattern by Ysolda

Little Shoes


How was your day? Are you enjoying a hot Summer or a freezing Winter?




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