Are you stressed out?

As I am looking around me I see a pile of clothes that need to be folded and put away, a game of Bingo the kids spread out on the floor and then forgotten, dishes in the sink, my knitting in the basket and some baby pants I made months ago and  are in need of an elastic. I am sure  that if I look further, I could find more things that need attending to. I’d like to think that I am am beyond that, but messiness does stress me out occasionally…

My dream house is minimalist in decor, with a spot for everything. And with a Studio with plenty of workspace and neatly folded fabric in shelves and color coordinated balls of yarn neatly arranged. NO clutter, thank you very much!

In reality, I live in a house that is 140 years old and shows all the signs of its age, surrounded by furniture that don’t belong to me but should go to a museum or antique shop, and lots of junk that has been collecting all sorts of bugs and insects over the last 50 years of so…and hundreds of books in every room!

I only live here temporarily, but nevertheless the clutter, dust, overcrowded rooms and lack of space does sometimes raise my blood pressure and makes me feel slightly stressed out…..just a tiny bit, really….honestly.

A part from that, I consider myself a fairly chilled out person. Nothing fazes me much, I pretty much go with the flow. I knit. That relaxes me every time.

We are blessed with good health, beautiful food, a roof over our head, a stable job and wonderful friends and family. We are free to pursue our dreams, spend time with our children and tell them all about our beautiful world. This is plenty to feel grateful for and by thinking about that, a lot of things that might make me feel stressed are put into perspective.

So, am I stressed out? No, I am knitting.

Hope you are feeling relaxed.



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