Do you prefer to text or to talk?

Another deliciously gorgeous day here in Central Victoria! While some might complain about the low temperatures, this is just the weather for me. A cool 23C, a fresh breeze and warm sunshine. Any hotter, and you can hear me moan….seriously!

Anyway…today we took the early train to Melbourne to visit the newly restored and opened Polly Woodside at South Wharf. They have shows on every day and on Sundays during January, but we missed the 8am train (ahem…again.) and therefore didn’t see the show. The guided tour though was great and the kids had a great time pretending to be the captain, 2nd mate and able bodied seaman respectively…

Polly Woodside

Every time I go to the city I wish I could stay longer. Visit some of the groovy boutiques, have a coffee or two in some laneway cafe and just do some people watching…I miss some idle time….While I don’t miss anything in particular, Melbourne has a buzz that only a big city has. A worldly style, the mix of people and inspiration to take home….

But alas, duty called and we took the train back and my dream of having dinner with Mr. P at one of the waterside restaurants, followed by a night out, remained just that.

And  the mysterious topic, you wonder?

Well, I joined the “post-a-day” challenge, so this is the topic of the day….and what an interesting one indeed. I had just the very conversation the other day with a friend.

Some never text. And some never pick up the phone, but can always be counted on replying to a text.

Me? I am firmly in the TXT camp! No doubt about that….I am the one who will not pick up the phone when it rings, be it home or mobile. Its like I don’t like to be interrupted with whatever I am doing in the privacy of my own home….and sometimes, the phone does feel like an intrusion. Like the doorbell…I don’t like doorbells and knockers either…I love Home, my cosy, intimate space. If I want company, it is usually organised. If I get a text, I can look at it, then leave it for later or reply immediately. I does not require an immediate response. I can think about my answer, I am not being put on the spot…

I must admit, I also like the jokes, exclamations, giggles and innuendos you can create with a text. Sure, there is the danger of a misinterpretation, or BEING YELLED AT IN A TEXT BY USING CAPITALS. But I more often laugh out loud than wonder at the tone of the text.

And then there is the issue of phone conversations and kids….if you have kids I can just stop right there, ’cause you know what I mean….yes? One continuous conversation on the phone with kids underfoot? It is impossible at my house. More often, it will be interrupted by things like: “hang on, Timon needs his bottom wiped.” or “hang on a sec, the kids are arguing over the LEGO Truck” and “no, you can’t climb over me while I am on the phone!”. And if it is not my kids, it is the kids on the other end of the line….

So I think I made my point.

So there you go. I vote for texting…..

Saying that, I you were to ring me and I happen to be in the mood, I would be delighted to hear your voice.

Idiosyncrasies for you.


Have a lovely night. ‘Till tomorrow.




One thought on “Do you prefer to text or to talk?

  1. Obviously the kids issue is a big one when they are young. but even so i have to be in the mood for a chat so it’s texting for me. I particularly dislike talking in the evening…it’s winding down time for me….unless of course i am in the mood. in fact on rereading your blog entry, i agree entirely with all your sentiments. i like arranged catchups and dislike impromptu visits. Yet growing up in a small town, that’s all there was. no arranged play dates but all improptu. weird.

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