Scraps = Owls and Dolls

If you are like me, you might have a stash of hoarded fabric, scraps of used material and odds bits and pieces that are waiting for that inspiration to strike.

Well, travelling through blogland, I came across this blog full of  amazing craftiness and clever use of different materials.


Mimi Kirchner uses bits of wool, upholstery fabric, and felt to create these amazing birds. These Owls are just too lovely and cuddly. But wait, there is more…I am drooling over these gorgeous, huggable babies. The use of wool makes these dolls just so soft and comforting I think. I am amazed at her use of colour, the detailed and delicate stitching and the organic feel of the ‘cocoon baby’.


And finally, these world pincushions. I mean, I could never work in such detail! The precision and perfection blows me away. However, if you are keen to use up some of your old scraps and pieces of felt that are taking up space in your cupboard, you can buy Mimi Kirchners Patterns right here on Etsy and create your own piece of Art.

Pin Cushion

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