New Beginnings

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

The last few weeks of 2010 passed like in a blur….the days were filled with end of year school Festivals, Carols and Nativity plays, drinks with neighbours and lastly, with ‘secret elf’ crafting.

I say it every year, so I will say it again. Next This year I will start my Christmas preparations in May….at least. I’ll have a list ready for projects and giftees and so by December I will enter the gifting season calm and in control….that’s right, you all heard me….

It was so lovely to watch the kids’ growing anticipation, to hear them talk about Santa and practicing their Carols. My heart skipped a beat when I overheard the boys speculate about what Santa would bring them. Books and Socks…. Ahem, and so it was….and they were thrilled, quietly reading their new books on their beds…

I am chuffed and proud of them….we have managed to keep Christmas low-key and with a focus on our community, togetherness and simple treats. We are blessed to live a relatively sheltered live. Our school and our community live and encourage a simple, nourishing lifestyle, leaving the children to truly enjoy their childhood without pressures. They are little and I am sure they will soon enough wake up to what the world has to offer.  But for now they are thrilled to get second-hand riding boots, a toy sack full of Lego’s. And Books and Socks…..


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