Advent, Stockings and other bits

Advent in Lucerne

 Having grown up in Switzerland, I associate Advent and Christmas strongly with colder weather, shorter days and of course, snow.

In my hometown it is still tradition to decorate the whole historic part of the town in Christmas lights. One of the old buildings becomes a giant Advent Calendar, where each window is a number. By 4pm it is getting dark and the city lights up with thousands of lights. Magic!

So now that I have kids and live in the Southern Hemisphere, I find it hard to create the same magical atmosphere for them. This year, I am trying a different approach. Instead of the traditional european decoration theme with fake snow and the red and green color scheme, I will try out a more modern and fresh approach. After all, it is hot and the sun is high in the sky.

I take the Advent period as a meditative time to contemplate our life and create a time of stillness and reflection. A time to take stock on the past year and to think about our friends and family. We will be reading “Mary’s little donkey”, a delightful book that retells the birth of Jesus in a new and charming way. I am trying to steer their minds away from the big event at the end of Advent, but try to keep the in the moment. Each week we will be collecting items to put on our Advent table, culminating in the complete Manger by Christmas time.

There are many different ways to count down the days till Christmas. From numbered envelopes on a string over a fireplace to an easy project using felt and some simple embroidery.

 The image on the left particularly appeals to me. Just think getting new sewing and knitting tools each day…better than chocolate?

Advent Calendar form




Christmas Stockings is not something that I grew up with and in the past years it has been a simple pillowcase or decorated calico bag at the end of the kids beds. But looking at these cute pictures, I think I could be tempted to try out this felt snowflake stocking or even a knitted version. By knitting it in winter, it would give me at least plenty of time for Christmas…..

What are you planning for the festive season?

Snowflake Stocking

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