Summertime Sewing

If you are anything like me, then you don’t think about your summer wardrobe until you are actually hit with a heat wave, stand in front of your closet and moan….

I guess it’s a bit of denial….I am a winter chick, give me layers, woolen rollnecks and scarfs anytime.  I bless every day that the thermometer stays below 30C.

But now it cannot be avoided any longer. It is getting warmer and I am digging through my cupboard in search of last years summer tops, skirts and shirts. Well, it’s looking pretty dim…I am in need of some wrap skirts (to add to the other 4 I already made in previous years. One can never have enough wraps, I say), and this year I must make some Tunics and maybe even a floaty top.

So, in search for inspiration, I have put together a little list of “must-have’s” that I want to share with you.

First off it the “Undaunted”, as simple boat-neck top by Jennifer Casa from JCasa *handmade. An easy top, whipped up in no time and ever so versatile. You could make 5 and be set for summer…..

Go on, have a go. ‘Cause here is the pattern.

Or how about a simple knit skirt?

This is sewn in knit fabric and they are super easy to work with. And there are some terrific new designs on the market now. Check out the pattern here.

And of course there is the lovely Aline Skirt Pattern from “Make it Perfect” right here.

Anyway, this is just me. You might be super organised and bought your entire wardrobe during last years summer sale, neatly folded then and ready for summer wearing now. Or maybe you are more the Martha Steward kind and have got all the neutral basics covered and just need some funky accessories??

Well, I am starting from scratch and get working.

What is your favorite style this summer?

Happy crafting


PS: tomorrow we will be talking about some Christmas sewing….


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