Fabrics and Patterns


What an amazing day I had!


We had planned to take the train to Melbourne. Only, we missed the train so off we all scrambled into the car. The kids and Nonna meet up with Nana and spent the day frolicking in the city. I, on the other hand had a date with the Quilt Market Fair!

This being my first trade fair, I had only a vague idea what to expect. So, the first stall I visited was Toni Cowards,of Make it Perfect. I already knew one of her patterns so I was thrilled to meet her in person and was impressed by the range she had worked on since I purchased her first pattern. There are now 2 groovy skirts that I can’t wait to try out, a stunning girls jacket, adorable boys shorts, some super comfy jammies and much more.

I am very pleased to be able to stock some of her patterns and proud to support such an inspiring australian designer.

Next, visited the stall of Australian fabric designer Saffron Craig and placed an order of 10 different fabrics. The colors and designs are stunning, don’t you think?

Little Birds, Idigo
Blossom Patch
Bird Tree
Woodland Elks

Are they inspiring or what?

While the shop is not officially open, you are able to purchase the patterns from next week. The Saffron Craig Fabric will take a bit longer to arrive, so I will keep you posted.


PS: I am having trouble linking the pages….be patient while I get the hang of WordPress


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