Far Away Unicorns

I finally did it….

I have been holding on to this gorgeous fabric from Heather Ross for almost a year now….I just could not find a project that was just right for it….but with summer approaching fast, it was time to get the scissors out.

And as you would have it, I stumbled upon a peasant dress that seems to fit the bill. It is the perfect summer dress, light and airy and most importantly it features sleeves. With our scorching australian sun beating on us, dresses need to have little protective sleeves, as much as I like the airy feel of little spaghetti straps.

Wait till you see it….

And while we are at this, you must check out Sis Boom. They have the most exquisite fabric collection and patterns.  Words can’t describe the colors. You have so see for yourself. And I can’t wait to get my hands on their latest collection “Queen Street”.

And tomorrow I am off the Australian Quilt Fair, hopefully meeting some interesting people, but most importantly, feasting my eyes on a sea of fabric…

happy sewing


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