Artisan Wool and Fresh Fabric

Well, this is it!

I am one step closer to opening ZIGOZAGO, my online shop full of fibre goodness to admire and inspire.

The website design is being finalised, content uploaded. I am expecting some delish goodies from near and far, I can hardly wait to show you all….

First up we will be introducing the gorgeous yarn from the local company PEAR TREE YARNS in Victoria.

Their yarn if of exeptional quality,feels incredibly soft and is a pleasure to knit with.

Below is the ‘Milo Vest’ in the colorway “Turkey” a yummy, powdery pink.

A vest knit in Pear Tree Yarn in the color "Turkey"

The pattern for this gorgeous kid’s vest can be found in RAVELRY. Its super easy and endlessly practical.  This is my go-to pattern now for a quick present and it includes different cable styles for costumisation….very nifty….

I have made a few of these and I make it now a habit of wipping one up for display with every new Yarn I get just to get the feel of the wool. There is nothing quite like sinking your hand into a knitted garment to feel its buttery softness and to see the stitch definition.

I will keep you updated with more knitting goodness soon.

Have a lovely weekend



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