Last minute …..

Felted Christmas Tree from Purlbee

Yes, it is always the same. I start the year with the best intentions. To be better organised, to write a menu for each week, to write a shopping list, to get school lunches ready the night before. To lay the kids clothes out at night. To exercise three times a week and take time out for myself….the list could go on and on. And while we are at it, I had planned to work away all year on little Christmas projects so that when this silly season would fall upon us, I would be ready will a considerable collection of handmade Goodness to gift. That’s right!

Well, it was not to be. The few presents I managed to make were given away early, because I just can’t hang onto a them. I get too exited and must share it immediately. And so here I am, frantically sewing away, running out of supplies, driving to Spotlight to get basics like new sewing needles and interfacing for that project I really must try just 11 sleeps before Christmas.

So as I am counting down the days, I did manage to tick some boxes, and these I am going to share with you.

Clever Toni from over at Make it Perfect has got an easy tute for Lego Sacks. Well, they are toy sacks, as I can see a whole lot of blocks in one and dolls clothes stashed in another one in my house….as well as LEGOS.

The Tutorial is well written and fool proof. It is a lot of fabric to pin and wrestle around the sewing machine but the end result is a nifty and a oh so practical bag. And best of all, I will save on wrapping paper as our present will be hidden in there this year. How eco-friendly is that! I wipped up three of them in a day, while the kids were at the Zoo with Nana and Nonna.

Toni's Lego Sack in Action
Toni's Lego Sack in action


Next on the list is a sewn stash bowl like the one from Purlbee.

Sewn Stash Basket

The circular bases are done but alas, I ran out of interfacing, so that had to be pushed aside for when our local quilt shop is open. But it’s a quick project and I have some lovely fabric in my stash that is just perfect for it.

There are so many fantastic versions of this stash basket. Like a crochet one….

Crochet Stash Basket from Purlbee

Or maybe a felted one?


Three bowls

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